For a full range of branded, RAL and BS colours visit or click on the link on the home page!

Doors and furniture can be SPRAY FINISHED by us. To the BRAND colour of your choice. Or visit the above website for a full range of branded. Ral and BS ranges.

    Kitchen Re-Sprays!

We can strip and respray cupboard doors, drawer fronts and kickboards giving your kitchen a new lease of life and a completely new look at a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen. Prices start from £799. Using the chart above pick your colourContact us now.
Pine table & chairs Dip Stripped. Price discounted for the full set

Dip Stripping

At Stokesley Pine Stripping we use a mix of water and Caustic soda which is heated to get a better effect with removing the paint and varnish from your items.

How Our Doors Are Finished

We like to keep items at least 48 hours after dipping. Giving the wood time to dry for safety reasons.

However. Polyurathane can be removed using a chemical hand stripping process.

Terms and conditions for dipping*. Polyurethane paints will not dissolve in a caustic/water mix. So be aware, there is no way of us telling if a paint/varnish is polyurethane based until it has been dipped. if it is and the paint/varnish is not removed after the dip/strip process The full dipping charge still applies.

Also. As we do not know the history of your item, NO GUARENTEE can be given that joints, laminates or glued joints will stay sound and not give, move or ripple whilst dipping. But full charges still apply. Sorry!